'Army Education Welfare Service'

The 'A.E.W.S.' brand was introduced in NZ in 1942 and lasted until around 1945.

'A.E.W.S.' branded equipment was manufactured by various companies, the distributor is unknown. Currently there are 2 documented models.

A snippet from the Massey University archive regarding the AEWS:

The Army Education Welfare Service was established in 1942 to help servicemen integrate back into civilian life. Apart from library services, it ran training courses in conjunction with a number of training institutions in New Zealand – one of these being Massey Agricultural College. With the aid of these training institutions the Army Education Welfare Service regularly published booklets and handbooks on a wide range of topics – from agriculture to trades and general topics. In addition to the booklets listed in this inventory, the Massey University Library holds a number of these Army Education Welfare Service publications.

2 Documented A.E.W.S. Models
1944ish A.E.W.S. AEW1 'Type B, No. 1' 5 + vibrator 4
1945ish A.E.W.S. AEW2 5  Broadcast