'Clear as a Bell'

The 'Belmont' radio brand was introduced in NZ in 1932 and lasted until 1935.

Belmont's manufacturer is currently unknown, they were distributed by F. J. Pinny Ltd. Currently there are 2 documented models.

A short-lived brand that first appears in advertising in late 1932.  Some Pinny's advertising shows as Belmont-Patterson, so could (at least some of) these radios have been US made in NZ cabinets?  Pinnys was in liquidation by 1935 and this was the end of the brand.

The logo appears to have been stolen directly from Sonora, a US brand of gramophones and (later) radio-gramophones that they had distributed in the 20's.

2 Documented Belmont Models
1932 Belmont model 334V 4  Broadcast 
1933 Belmont model 164