The 'Columbus' brandname was introduced in 1937 and lasted until 1960.

Columbus was manufactured by Radio Corporation of New Zealand Ltd, they were distributed by Columbus Radio Centre Ltd. Currently there are 82 documented models.

Columbus was the house brand of Radio Corporation of New Zealand and was introduced in 1937 after the growth of Radio Corp outstripped its financial means and it was reorganised into a public company.  At this time almost all of the arrangements that RCNZ had with other companies were terminated, and brands such as Pacific, Stella and CQ went their own way leaving just Columbus and Courtenay (which was by now a brand of Turnbull & Jones).

Columbus continued to be manufactured until 1960, by which time Pye / Akrad had taken over the company.

82 Documented Columbus Models
1937Columbus model 15
1937Columbus model 18
1937Columbus model 24
1937Columbus model 25
1937Columbus model 38
1937Columbus model 39
1938Columbus model 35
1938Columbus model 36 'Helmsman'
1938Columbus model 60
1938Columbus model 84 'Skipper / Challenger'
1938Columbus model 85
1939Columbus model 54
1939Columbus model 88
1939Columbus model 94
1939Columbus model 95
1940Columbus model 051
1940ishColumbus model 12
1940ishColumbus model 172
1940Columbus 52S
1940Columbus model 62
1940Columbus model 65 'Clipper'
1940Columbus model 75
1941Columbus model 201 'Portable'
1941ishColumbus model 56
1941Columbus model 66
1941Columbus model 69
1942Columbus model 90
1945Columbus model 14
1946Columbus model 42 'Corvette'
1946Columbus model 53 'Corvette'
1946Columbus model 55 'Corvette'
1946Columbus model 6 'Miniature'
1946Columbus 66A
1947Columbus model 301 'Portable'
1947Columbus model 32 'Exeter'
1947Columbus model 402 'Portable'
1947Columbus model 61
1948Columbus model 27
1948Columbus model 34 'Oxford'
1948ishColumbus 402X
1948ishColumbus 402Z 'Portable'
1948Columbus model 44 'Cambridge'
1948Columbus model 70
1948Columbus MC7 'Car Radio'
1949ishColumbus model 132
1949Columbus model 166 'Balfour'
1949Columbus model 19 'Dover'
1949Columbus model 96
1950Columbus model 5 'Bristol'
1950Columbus model 91 'Windsor'
1951Columbus 5A 'Bristol'
1951ishColumbus 5M
1952ishColumbus model 032
1952ishColumbus 26N 'Exeter'
1952Columbus model 4 'Clock Radio'
1952Columbus model 502 'Portable'
1953Columbus 26P
1953Columbus model 45
1953Columbus model 46
1953ishColumbus 5B
1954Columbus model 565 'Malvern'
1954Columbus model 92
1955Columbus model 504 'Snowdon'
1955Columbus model 563 'Greenwich'
1955Columbus model 653 'Portable'
1956Columbus model 501 'Argyle'
1956Columbus model 521 'Minuette'
1956Columbus model 521 'Oceana'
1956Columbus model 605 'Elite'
1956Columbus model 606
1957Columbus model 1006 'Rembrandt De Luxe'
1957Columbus model 515 'Challenger'
1957Columbus model 601 'Chilton'
1957Columbus model 602 'Stafford'
1957Columbus model 705 'Somerset'
1957Columbus model 708 'Somerset De Luxe'
1958Columbus model 619
1958Columbus model 809 'Plymouth'
1958Columbus model 810 'Plymouth and Somerset'
1959Columbus model 566 'Champion'
1959Columbus 694P 'Transistor 6'
1959Columbus PZ117 'Transistor Seven'