'Known For Tone'

The 'Courtenay' brandname was introduced in 1930 and lasted until 1956.

Courtenay was manufactured by Radio Corporation of New Zealand Ltd, they were distributed by Turnbull & Jones Ltd . Currently there are 67 documented models.

The first Courtenay receiver
The first ever Courtenay receiver

Originally 'Courtenay' was simply the name of the first model: a 3-valve receiver built by William Marks at his small radio workshop in Cornhill St in 1930.  This set was sold (and distributed) by Stewart Hardware from their premises in Courtenay Place.  Within a year there were multiple models using the familiar numbered model codes that would remain with the brand until it was retired in 1956.

Courtenay Radio Ltd - company formed in 1933
Formation of Courtenay Radio Ltd
Evening Post, 17 June 1933, Page 16

When Stewart Hardware closed its doors in around 1933 a new company was formed to handle distribution of the Courtenay brand.  Around this time W. Marks Ltd also changed their name to Radio Corporation of New Zealand.

In around 1935 Courtenay was taken over by Turnbull & Jones who would manage it for some 22 years, marketing a huge number of different models in that time.  These models were manufactured by Radio Corp NZ and as such they generally used the same chassis as was used in RCNZ's house brand, Columbus (and for a couple of years between 1933 and 1937 similar or the same as Pacific, CQ, Stella models of any given year).  Typically from 1937 onwards the only differences between brands was the dial and the cabinet.

67 Documented Courtenay Models
1930Courtenay Junior
1930Courtenay Senior
1931Courtenay 106_Original 'Super Six'
1931Courtenay model 6
1931Courtenay model 66
1932Courtenay 5A
1932Courtenay 5B
1932Courtenay 5C
1932ishCourtenay 6A
1933Courtenay model 106
1933Courtenay model 140
1933Courtenay 6BS
1934Courtenay model 108
1934Courtenay model 109
1934Courtenay model 205 'Exponat'
1934Courtenay 7BD
1935Courtenay model 11 'International'
1935Courtenay model 15
1935Courtenay model 8
1936Courtenay model 18
1936Courtenay model 21 'Rhapsody'
1936Courtenay model 33
1937Courtenay model 24
1937Courtenay model 25
1937Courtenay model 38 'Opera'
1938Courtenay model 35
1938Courtenay model 36
1938Courtenay 68V
1938Courtenay model 84 'Popular'
1938Courtenay model 85
1939Courtenay model 151
1939Courtenay model 54
1939Courtenay model 60
1939Courtenay model 64
1939Courtenay model 95
1940Courtenay model 12 'Tiki'
1940Courtenay model 162 'Junior Defiant'
1940ishCourtenay model 172
1940Courtenay model 173
1940Courtenay model 22
1940Courtenay 52S
1940Courtenay model 63 'All World'
1940Courtenay model 75 'Super Defiant'
1941Courtenay model 66
1942Courtenay model 90
1946Courtenay model 17
1946Courtenay model 55
1947Courtenay model 61
1948Courtenay model 27 'Grenville'
1948ishCourtenay 301A
1948Courtenay model 32
1948Courtenay model 70
1949Courtenay model 166
1949ishCourtenay model 414
1949Courtenay 50S
1950Courtenay model 19 'Ajax'
1950Courtenay model 5 'Talisman'
1950Courtenay model 91
1951ishCourtenay 5M
1952ishCourtenay model 032
1952Courtenay 26N
1952Courtenay 27M 'Grenville'
1952Courtenay 27N 'Grenville'
1953Courtenay 26P
1953Courtenay model 45
1953Courtenay model 46
1954ishCourtenay 5B 'Talisman'