'Hello All Stations'

The 'CQ' brand was introduced in NZ in 1933 and lasted until 1937.

'CQ' branded equipment was manufactured by Radio Corporation of New Zealand Ltd, they were distributed by Hope Gibbons Ltd. Currently there are 11 documented models.

CQ was the house brand of Hope Gibbons Ltd, general merchants.

Advertising was minimal, and the brand never seemed to gain traction in the market.  Cabinets were sometimes ornate, but many designs were shared with other minor brands such as Stella.

As with most Radio Corp NZ manufactured brands, CQ ceased production in 1937.  They do not appear to have found another manufacturer and the brand disappeared at this point.

11 Documented CQ Models
1933 CQ model 52 5  Broadcast 
1933 CQ model 62 6  Broadcast 
1934 CQ model 54 5  Broadcast 
1935 CQ model 15 5  Broadcast 
1935 CQ model 73 7  Dual Wave 
1936 CQ model 18 6 (+ eye on some)  Dual Wave 
1936 CQ model 21 6  Dual Wave 
1936 CQ model 5B6 5  Broadcast 
1936 CQ model 72 7  Dual Wave 
1937 CQ model 24 5 + eye  Broadcast 
1937 CQ model 25 5 (+ eye on some)  Dual Wave