The 'Ekco' brandname was introduced in around 1955 and lasted until around 1967.

Ekco was manufactured by Radio (1936) Ltd, they had various distributors. Currently there are 11 documented models.

While the NZ use of the name Ekco was introduced in the 50's, the brand had been in New Zealand on and off since 1934.  The earliest note of Ekco radios being sold in New Zealand was in Christchurch at Butlers (N.Z.) Ltd back in 1934 and 35.  Then in 1936 it seems like everyone was selling the SW86, which was distributed in New Zealand by Speddings in Auckland.

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11 Documented Ekco Models
1953 Ekco RCB 'Coronet' 6 4
1955 Ekco RCP 5  Broadcast 
1956 Ekco Royalist 6 4
1957 Ekco A242 'Airlie' 5
1957 Ekco RCX 'Ekcosprite' 5  Broadcast 
1959 Ekco RDM 'Stroller' 8 Transistor ,1 Diode  Broadcast 
1960 Ekco REF 'Canewdon' 5  Broadcast 
1961ish Ekco Montrose 7 5
1961 Ekco REO 'Elgar' 5  Broadcast 
1963 Ekco RER 8 transistors, 3 diodes  Broadcast 
1964 Ekco REU 'Embassy' 4 + rectifier diode  Broadcast