The 'Exelrad' brand was introduced in NZ in 1934.

'Exelrad' branded equipment was manufactured by Radio Corporation of New Zealand Ltd, they were distributed by Turnbull & Jones Ltd . Currently there are 3 documented models.

In 1934 Turnbull and Jones arranged for Radio Corporation of NZ to make a range of coils and tranformers for them, which they would sell under the brand 'Exelrad'.  The following year they added kitset radios which were often largely similar to models manufactured by RCNZ for sale.  This continued up until the war at which time raw materials supplies dried up.  The Exelrad brand continued after the war, although these were not made by RCNZ.

3 Documented Exelrad Models
1936 Exelrad model 5GX 'Band-Pass Dual-Wave Five' 5  Dual Wave 
1936 Exelrad model 6DXI 'Air King Six' 6  Dual Wave 
1936ish Exelrad Air King dual wave 6  Dual Wave