'The Choice of Critics'

The 'Genrad' brand was introduced in NZ in 1933 and lasted until 1933.

'Genrad' branded equipment was manufactured by General Radio Ltd, they were distributed by General Radio Ltd. Currently there are 4 documented models.

Genrad was the house brand of General Radio Ltd in Main South Rd, Auckland.  Advertising of the brand began in ernest in mid-1933 but seems to have disappeared by the end of the same year. 

There must have been quite a number sold, as Genrad radios popped up regularly in for sale columns right across the country for many years afterwards - but its unknown what became of the company after the initial burst of sales in 1933.

4 Documented Genrad Models
1933 Genrad model 533 5  Broadcast 
1933 Genrad model 634 6  Broadcast 
1933 Genrad model 733A 7  Broadcast 
1933 Genrad Compact 6  Broadcast