'La Gloria' branded equipment was manufactured by Dominion Radio and Electrical Corporation Ltd, they had various distributors. Currently there are 19 documented models.

In 1956*, Dominion Radio and Electrical introduced the La Gloria brand name to market a budget line of radiograms and appliances - and this name all-but took over from DRECO's main brand, Philco, within a couple of years. 

The name 'La Gloria' had originally been used by the La Gloria Gramophone Co. Ltd in the 1920's - the owner being one Charles H. Pearson.  At the introduction of the La Gloria name by Dominion Radio and Electrical, the managing director was Charles Pearson Jr.

*One report states 1952

19 Documented La Gloria Models
1956 La Gloria model Imp 5  Broadcast 
1957 La Gloria Recordergram 3G 6  Broadcast 
1957 La Gloria Transcriptor 'Reel-to-Reel' 5 + magic eye
1958 La Gloria Olympia 'Stereogram'
1958ish La Gloria Oxford 'Recordergram' 9  Broadcast 
1958 La Gloria Siesta 'Clock Radio' 4 or 5  Broadcast 
1960 La Gloria model F32 'Transistor 7' 7 transistors, 1 diode  Broadcast 
1960 La Gloria Radio-Tape-60 5  Broadcast 
1961ish La Gloria Aristocrat 'Stereogram' 8 + optional magic eye  Dual Wave 
1961ish La Gloria Ascot 'Stereogram' 8 + optional magic eye  Dual Wave 
1961ish La Gloria Avon 'Stereogram' 8 + optional magic eye  Dual Wave 
1961 La Gloria Countryman 8 + optional magic eye  Dual Wave 
1961 La Gloria Olympic 'Cordless 8' 8 transistor  Broadcast 
1963 La Gloria Upright 5V Stereogram 'Farina ?' 5  Broadcast 
1965ish La Gloria Sprite 3  Broadcast 
1966ish La Gloria Cappuccino  Broadcast 
1967 La Gloria model Elf 3 valves, 1 rectifier diode  Broadcast 
1968ish La Gloria Fiesta Solid State  Dual Wave 
1968ish La Gloria model G27 '7 Transistor Portable' 7 transistors, 2 diodes  Broadcast