The 'Luxor' brand was introduced in NZ in around 1934 and lasted until around 1942.

'Luxor' branded equipment was manufactured by Radio (1936) Ltd, they were distributed by D. A. Morrison & Co. Ltd. Currently there are 9 documented models.

The Luxor brand appears to have been that of D. A. Morrison, Radio and Electrical dealers in Wellington, who sold their business in 1942.  No further sign of advertising for the brand was seen after this.  Given that they were also Ultimate dealers, the brand may have been dropped by the new owner Griffiths Electrical Co.  

Where the model code is not clearly stated it can be found (in most cases) as the letters at the start of the serial number.  For example, RB10574 would be a model RB.

9 Documented Luxor Models
1935 Luxor model AHR 5  Broadcast 
1935 Luxor model CR 'Transcontinental' 6  Dual Wave 
1937 Luxor model BCR 7  All Wave 
1937 Luxor model BEU 5  Dual Wave 
1938 Luxor model BZR 6  Dual Wave 
1938 Luxor model CDU 5  Dual Wave 
1938 Luxor model CER 4  Broadcast 
1939 Luxor model CNR 7 + magic eye  All Wave 
1940 Luxor model EA 6  Dual Wave