The 'Majestic' brandname was introduced in 1962.

Majestic was manufactured by Dominion Radio and Electrical Corporation Ltd, the distributor is unknown. Currently there are 3 documented models.

Dominion Radio & Electrical introduced the Majestic brand to their lineup to replace the fading Philco brand in New Zealand.  It sat alongside their budget portable lineup under the Dreco brand.

Earlier use:
Majestic was a well-known American brand in the early years, which had been imported and distributed by Farmers in the early 30's. Around 1941 there is a note in MGAR that Westco made a Majestic branded set (or sets?) for (it is believed) Spedding Ltd.

3 Documented Majestic Models
1962 Majestic Mantle 5  Broadcast 
1962ish Majestic Upright 5V Stereogram 'Commodore ?' 5  Broadcast 
1967ish Majestic Herald 3 valves, 1 rectifier diode  Broadcast