The 'Neeco' brandname was introduced in 1940.

Neeco was manufactured by various companies, they were distributed by National Electric & Engineering Co. Ltd. Currently there are 6 documented models.

The Neeco brandname was introduced by The National Electrical and Engineering Co. Ltd in 1918 as a house brand name for their products (mainly ranges and grills, but also jugs, toasters and other appliances).  Over time, this became the name by which the company was known - a company that had been formed in 1908 and which remained in business until they were taken over by Cable Price in 1966.

Introduction of NEECO Advertisement
Christchurch Sun, 13 August 1918


Then in mid-1940, a new line of products was announced - NEECO Radios.  This is the earliest advert found on that announcement:

NEECO Anounces new radio line
Evening Post, 21 May 1940


Newspaper advertising was somewhat sparse, but Sedley Wells in Christchurch actively advertised NEECO radios throughout 1940/41 alongside Radiola and Cromwell, While Electric and Plumbing Supplies in Dunedin actively advertised NEECO sets through 1941/42.

Sedley Wells Advert for NEECO
Sedley Wells Press Advert Throughout 1940
NEECO Radio advertisement ODT
Evening Star, 21 August 1942


Some of these later adverts mention that radio manufacturing was now being curtailed due to the war effort, and by 1943 this advert was being run:

NEECO and the War Effort
Evening Post, 7 May 1943



Manufacturing resumed after the war in late 1945.

6 Documented Neeco Models
1940 6 + eye  Dual Wave  Neeco model 140
1940 4  Broadcast  Neeco 1940 4V PB
1940 6  Dual Wave  Neeco 1940 6V+ DW
1941  Dual Wave  Neeco model 541
1941  Dual Wave  Neeco model 641
1949ish 5  Broadcast  Neeco 95P 'Band Master'