'In A Sphere Of Its Own'

Pacific was manufactured by Radio Corporation of New Zealand Ltd, they were distributed by Pacific Radio Co.. Currently there are 23 documented models.

NOTE: There are two distinct uses of 'Pacific' as a brand.  Originally the brand was owned by the Pacific Radio Company Ltd in Wellington and from around 1940 the brand was taken over by Akrad Radio Ltd in Waihi.  If the dial is a peephole, arc-shaped or round then it is most likely an original Pacific set - otherwise its likely an Akrad Pacific.

Pacific Radio Ltd was formed in 1933 in Wellington.  Pacific sets were built initially as special runs by Radio Corp. N.Z., and then as standard RCNZ chassis models from around 1935 until they ceased sales some time in 1937, when RCNZ ceased manufacturing private brand sets in order to focus on manufacturing their own newly-minted Columbus brand.  Some time around this point the owner of Pacific Radio is said to have died, and the brand disappeared briefly before being picked up by Akrad Radio.

Early Pacific sets were known for their art-deco styling, although later sets became quite run-of-the-mill using standard cabinet designs.

23 Documented Pacific Models