'In A Sphere Of Its Own'

The 'Pacific (Post-WWII)' brandname was introduced in around 1940.

Pacific (Post-WWII) was manufactured by Akrad Radio Corporation Ltd, they were distributed by A. H. Nathan Ltd. Currently there are 24 documented models.

NOTE: There are two distinct uses of 'Pacific' as a brand.  Originally the brand was owned by the Pacific Radio Company Ltd in Wellington and from around 1940 the brand was taken over by Akrad Radio Ltd in Waihi.  If the dial is a peephole, arc-shaped or round then it is most likely an original Pacific set - otherwise its likely an Akrad Pacific.

In around 1940 Akrad took over the Pacific brand, logo and motto as it was no longer being used (the previous owner having passed away). Akrad used the Pacific brand to replace the Luxor name, which had been in use since the early days of the company. Many Pacific models were also released under Akrad's Regent brand - often the only difference being the dial glass

24 Documented Pacific (Post-WWII) Models