Ultimate was manufactured by Radio (1936) Ltd, they had various distributors. Currently there are 83 documented models.

Ultimate was the main house brand for Radio Ltd and one of the best-known brands in NZ.

In 1932, reportedly 3100 Ultimate radios sold in NZ, approximately 20% of all radios sold in that year (according to their adverts).

83 Documented Ultimate Models
1923Ultimate RA1
1928Ultimate SG4 'Screen Grid 4'
1931ishUltimate model 856 'Senior Console'
1932Ultimate model 417 'TRF'
1932Ultimate model 520
1932Ultimate model 523
1932Ultimate model 524 'Superhet Mantle'
1932Ultimate model 527 'Consolette'
1932Ultimate model 627 'Superhet Mantle'
1932Ultimate model 631 'Consolette'
1932Ultimate Short Wave Adapter
1933Ultimate model 514 'JCL'
1933Ultimate model 522
1933Ultimate 5LN
1933Ultimate model 621
1933Ultimate model 623
1933Ultimate 7L
1933Ultimate model 829
1934Ultimate 7LAW
1934Ultimate AU
1935Ultimate CU
1936Ultimate AAU
1936Ultimate ACC
1936Ultimate AEU
1936Ultimate AFU 'De Luxe'
1936Ultimate CCU
1936Ultimate UU
1936Ultimate XU
1937Ultimate BBU
1937Ultimate BCU
1937Ultimate BDU
1938Ultimate BWU
1938Ultimate BXU
1938Ultimate BYU
1938Ultimate EXP
1939Ultimate CIU
1939Ultimate CNU
1939Ultimate COU
1939Ultimate CPU
1940Ultimate EA 'Teleflick'
1940Ultimate EB 'Junior'
1940Ultimate ED
1941Ultimate FA
1941Ultimate FB
1941Ultimate FJ
1945Ultimate RA
1945Ultimate RB
1946Ultimate RJ
1947Ultimate RU
1948Ultimate RAC 'Broadcast Minor'
1948Ultimate RAG 'LOOP'
1948Ultimate RW
1949Ultimate RAN 'Gypsy'
1951Ultimate RAW 'Troubadour'
1951Ultimate RAX
1951Ultimate RBC
1951Ultimate RBD
1951Ultimate RBE
1951Ultimate RBG 'Broadcast Minor'
1951Ultimate RBH
1951Ultimate RBK 'Tawa'
1952Ultimate RBP 'Hanging Horror'
1953Ultimate RBO 'Portable'
1953Ultimate RBY
1953Ultimate RBZ 'Linnet'
1953Ultimate RCG
1954Ultimate RCE 'Baby Grand'
1954Ultimate RCE 'Symphony'
1955Ultimate RCC
1955Ultimate RCJ 'Century'
1955Ultimate RCP 'Cygnet'
1955Ultimate RCP 'New Sorrento'
1955Ultimate RDG 'Sorrento'
1956Ultimate RCN 'Tyne'
1959Ultimate RDM 'Explorer'
1960ishUltimate RDG 'Argyle'
1960Ultimate REF 'Lynton'
1964Ultimate REQ 'Monterey'
1964Ultimate RES 'Lonsdale'
1964Ultimate REU
1964ishUltimate REV 'Domino'
1965ishUltimate model 525 'Nottingham'
1966Ultimate Imperial