A Wellington based music store who had gotten into radio sales in the late 1920's.  Initially appearing to distribute Sonora, then Majestic, they also had their own line of NZ-made 'Belmont' sets with the catch-phrase 'Clear as a Bell' - which, along with their logo, they appear to have stolen. 

F. J. Pinny appears to have been a builder-turned-architect who also began to import and sell organs in 1888.  From around 1922 they also began to sell US-made Sonora gramophones and shortly after they began advertising Columbia records as well.  By 1928 some Sonora models were being advertised as 'new electric pick up and combination radio' models.  By 1930 they were advertising US-made Majestic sets, and by 1933 they had their own NZ-made brand - Belmont... only, the logo they used was not entirely unique as you can see here...


It seems they liked the Sonora logo so much they simply took it - a practice that seems to have been quite widespread around this time.

They went into liquidation in 1935, advertising sale prices right up until the doors closed, and then there were a few auction notices to dispose of the remaining product.

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