David J. Reid Ltd was formed in 1950

Radio brands manufactured by David J. Reid Ltd

David J Reid Ltd. was the parent company of the well-known David Reid Electronics stores found across New Zealand in the heyday of hobby electronics.

An Excerpt from the Reid Technology website in 2019 provides some information on the company:

David Reid Electronics was founded in 1956 by David J Reid.
The company quickly became a very popular electronic and electrical supplier with a retail chain of over 30 stores New Zealand wide.

In 1992 the retail business was sold to Dick Smith Electronics.
The technical arm of the business remained and at this point the company was renamed Reid Technology Limited.

Reid Technology Limited is a private company, proudly New Zealand owned and operated by the Reid family.

While Reid Technology suggests the company started in 1956, NZ companies office records show the incorporation date as 1954, and an article in Radio and Electronics suggests the company was operating from a house in Takapuna as early as 1950.  In 1969 a purpose-built warehouse and store was built around the original house, replacing it in real time while the business continued to operate within.

David Reid Electronics new warehouse in Takapuna, 1969