Ultimate Ekco (N.Z.) Co. Ltd was formed in 1955 and was taken over by Pye (N.Z.) Ltd in around 1967.

With the coming of Television, Radio (1936) Ltd sought overseas technical assistance, which led to them partnering with Ekco (E. K. Cole Ltd) UK.  At this time the company was reorganised under a new name - Ultimate Ekco (N.Z.) Co. Ltd.

Ultimate-Ekco badge

Pye UK took control of Ekco UK in 1965, and shortly after Pye NZ took control of Ultimate-Ekco.  By 1967 the Ultimate factory in Quay St, Auckland was closed, and Radio Ltd was gone.  The Ultimate name carried on, but under the Pye banner.  Thus another great name in NZ electronics passed into history.

Ultimate-Ekco models are all catalogued under Radio (1936) Ltd. as the original manufacturer.