The Bell 7TW was manufactured by Bell Radio-Television Corporation Ltd in about 1961.

7-transistor 9V battery mantle radio.

Chassis looks almost identical to the Bell Colt 'All Transistor'

Technical Information

Valves (7 transistors, 1 diode): Either: OC44, OC45, OC45, OA10, OC70, OC71, OC72, OC72
or: 2N412, 2N410, 2N410, Signal Diode, 2N406, 2N408, 2N408, 2N408
or: 2SA30, 2SA31, 2SA31, ?, 2SB32, 2SB33, 2SB33, 2SB33
Lineups to be confirmed, schematic is not clear

Intermediate Frequency: 475kc/s

Frequency Bands: 1

Chassis Notes(most schematics can be clicked to download a full size version)

1961 Bell 7TW

Other documented models using this chassis (2 in total)

1961 Bell Colt All Transistor