BELL COLT 5B67 (1967)

The Bell Colt 5B67 was manufactured by Bell Radio-Television Corporation Ltd in 1967, it was in production for about 6 years. It's part of the Bell Colt series.

4 valve plus silicon bridge rectifier (5-valve equivalent) radio. 

Around this time Bell switched to transistors, and there were no further valve-based Colts produced - this was the last model with that 'warm glow'.

Bell Colt 5B67 Bell Colt 5B67

The 5B67 is generally easily spotted by the screen-printed metal badge riveted on the rear.  Early examples have 5B67 screen-printed into the model space, and 30 V.A. in the power consumption space, but this was a step they obviously felt was just wasted time and money because it soon disappeared, with most sighted examples having no model code or power consumption on the badge at all.

The early dial glass was a black and gold design, with Bell at the bottom and KILOCYCLES at the top, which was an old term by this point in radio development, and was replaced by KILO HERTZ in about 1969.  Late examples, just prior to the switch to solid-state transistors, had one of two near-identical dial designs - either with BELL or KHZ. at the top - and both with -COLT- in the bottom right corner.  These are hardly ever seen and it must have been a very short run of dials.  The variant with BELL at the top is one of only two examples of Colt dial where the words 'Bell' and Colt' appear on the dial together - the other example being the final Colt ever produced, the Solid State MKIII.

Bell Colt 5B67
From 1967 Bell Sales Literature

The Bell Colt 5B67 is part of the 'Bell Colt' series.

There is considerable information on the main Bell Colt page about this long-running Kiwi icon.


Bell Colts ran from 1951 through until 1980 - the longest running model of NZ built domestic radio.  It saw many different engineering changes over the years, and the last few models dropped valves in favour of new transistor technology.

Please note that not all radios shown in this series were known as Colt's - the Planet, the Mercury etc were models in their own right - but they have a Colt chassis in them and so are included here as part of the wider Bell Colt dynasty.

The items in this series are

Technical Information

Valves (4 + Silicon Bridge Rectifier): ECH81, EF89, EBC81, EL84, BY123

Intermediate Frequency: 455kc/s

Frequency Bands: 1

Chassis Notes(most schematics can be clicked to download a full size version)

Bell Colt 5B67

Bell Colt 5B67