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The Companion Junior PA Amplifier was manufactured for Johns Ltd by Wellmade Ltd in about 1936, it was in production for 2 years.

12-15 watts output

From the 1936-37 Johns catalogue:

3-stage, push-pull 45 output valves.  Field supply for any standard concert speaker, which must be specified when ordering.  This amplifier will also drive a Celestion Auditorium speaker very comfortably.  One concert speaker is not capable of taking the full amplifier output.

While the Junior possesses ample power for most purposes, the small difference in cost really makes the Senior a far better proposition.  Power is readily reduced in the Senior, it cannot be increased in the Junior.

A351 Less Mike Transformer £25
A352 With Mike Transformer £29


Technical Information

General Construction Notes for Wellmade Ltd:

Radios made for Johns in the 30's were often available in AC, DC or Battery. The inclusion of DC power options was because large tracts of Auckland (where Johns and Wellmade were situated) were supplied by DC power generation.