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The Companion Senior PA Amplifier was manufactured for Johns Ltd by Wellmade Ltd in about 1936, it was in production for 2 years.

20-25 watt PA amplifier.  Also found in the high-end Companion 'Fidelity' radio.

Described in the 1936-37 Johns catalogue

Hitherto recognised as the standard POWERFUL amplifier. Will adequately cover a large Sports or Show ground, and cater for all likely indoor requirements in N.Z.

3-STAGE with dual 2A3 (or latest equivalent) Output Valves. First class quality throughout, like all other COMPANION AMPLIFIERS.

POWER PACK is ample for feeding the Field Coil of a CELESTION AUDITORIUM SPEAKER, but is readily adaptable for speakers with smaller fields, such as the CONCERT TYPE. Output TRANSFORMERS are particularly fine, and are normally manufactured to suit the AUDITORIUM, or up to 4 HELLO HORN SPEAKERS.

Supplied with or without Microphone Transformer — one is essential for SPEECH Reproduction. If omitted. this can be added later. Connections for PICK-UP and for RADIO are included. A suitable switch is included in every case.

The modern trend in Radio is to aim at exceptional Tonal qualities. These simply cannot be obtained in a cheap machine, yet one is frequently reluctant to spend a large sum on a Radio when it may soon become obsolete.

If you wish to have the very best in Radio, and to be able to keep abreast of latest developments all the time, buy this Amplifier and an Auditorium Celestion Speaker, and thus be sure of the finest tone possible. Then have the Radio Section built separately for a very modest sum. This latter section may be rebuilt from time to time, also at small cost. The AMPLIFIER and SPEAKER will give excellent results 10 or 15 years hence.

Thus your Radio will be always modern — and better still — always something to be absolutely proud of. The COMPANION FIDELITY is constructed on these very lines.

A349 Less Mike Transformer £30
A350 With Mike Transformer £34 

Technical Information

General Construction Notes for Wellmade Ltd:

Radios made for Johns in the 30's were often available in AC, DC or Battery. The inclusion of DC power options was because large tracts of Auckland (where Johns and Wellmade were situated) were supplied by DC power generation.