COURTENAY 66 (1931)

The Courtenay model 66 was manufactured for Turnbull & Jones Ltd by W. Marks Ltd in 1931. It's part of the Radio Corp model 66 Dual Wave series of radios.
4-valve set designed for NZ-wide reception, with table top or mantle cabinet, separate speaker.  Most likely just a model 6 with one extra amplification stage
The Courtenay model 66 is part of the Radio Corp model 66 Dual Wave series of radios.

The model 66 was one of the longest-running models from Radio Corp, released during the opening years of World War 2 and running through until around 1949 when it was succeeded by the model 166

It came in multiple variants over the years it was produced - likely brought about by wartime shortages forcing componentry changes.

There was a 66BC which has been included in this series for completeness although it is broadcast-band only - but it does appear to use the standard model 66 chassis with the dual-wave coils unpopulated.

There is also a model 56, which is a 1941-released 5-valve dual wave - which seems to have been coded to sell as a city-use version of the 66.


The radios in this series are:

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