NEECO MODEL 140 (1940)

The Neeco model 140 was manufactured for National Electric & Engineering Co. Ltd in 1940. It was manufactured by various companies.

dual wave table-top radio

s/n 27082 pictured as seen for sale online. 

No further details known

Neeco model 140 - Otago Daily Times 5th Nov 1941

1940 Neeco  model 140

Technical Information

Valves (6 + eye): 6U7G, 6K8, 6U7G, 6B8G, 6F6G, 5Y3G and 6U5 Magic Eye

Frequency Bands: 2

Chassis Notes(most schematics can be clicked to download a full size version)

Note, model sighted with EBF32 first audio, but a valve shield was fitted so this was probably a transplant for a 6B8G