PACIFIC MODEL 105 (1934)

The Pacific model 105 was manufactured for Pacific Radio Co. by Radio Corporation of New Zealand Ltd in 1934.
This model is part of the 1934 RCNZ Stepped Cabinet Mantle series of radios.

5-valve broadcast band mantle radio.

There are two known versions of cabinet for this set, one with thinner grill bars (as shown in the B&W photo from John Stokes' photo archives) and the more commonly seen model with thicker bars.  The thin-bar model is believed to be an early example. 

Pacific model 15 in the model 105 cabinet - an early example of a 15 possibly to use up old cabinet stocksThere is also a Pacific model using this cabinet with a round (aero) dial - its particularly uncommon, but the one sighted example has early model 15 circuitry (an updated 1935 design and successor to this model).  This was possibly to use up a stock of cabinets, as most model 15 radios appear to have been a more modern chest design, or a short tombstone with a slotted grill.


The Pacific model 105 is part of the 1934 RCNZ Stepped Cabinet Mantle series of radios.

This was one of 4 known 1934 Radio Corp of NZ models in this style of case: the Pacific 105, the Courtenay Exponat, the Troubadour 5H and the Philips Radioplayer 5H.  The Pacific and Courtenay models share the same chassis based on American valves, while the Troubadour and the Philips models use Philips valves and have similar, but slightly different chassis'.

The radios in this series are:
1934 Philips 5H
1934 Pacific model 105
1934 Courtenay model 205 Exponat
1934 Troubadour 5H Tempo

Valves (5): 2A7, 58, 2B7, 2A5, 80

Intermediate Frequency: 175kc/s

Frequency Bands: 1

Chassis Notes(most schematics can be clicked to download a full size version)

Radio Corp NZ Model 105 and 205

General Construction Notes for Radio Corporation of New Zealand Ltd: The first digit of the serial number typically indicates the year of manufacture of RCNZ chassis' (although not the decade - that requires a little knowledge of the valves, construction, etc). Sets from around 1934 onwards were often (but not always) constructed in a distinctive pressed 'baking pan' style chassis, seemingly unique to RCNZ.

All documented models using this chassis (3 in total)

1934Pacific model 205
1934Pacific model 105 - this set
1934Courtenay model 205