PHILCO MODEL 1207 (1947)

The Philco model 1207 was manufactured for Chas Begg & Co. Ltd by Dominion Radio and Electrical Corporation Ltd in 1947. It's part of the 1947 Philco 120x series of radios.

Other radios based on the same chassis:

Philco's high-end range for 1947 - the 8-valve 8-band (including 5 bandspread bands) console multi-stack radiogram.  The speaker grill pivots forward to reveal a record player.

Please see the model 1206 for details - the only difference is that the 1206 only has a single player.

The Philco model 1207 is part of the 1947 Philco 120x series of radios.

Three high-end console radios from the Philco 1947 lineup: The 1205 radio, 1206 radiogram and 1207 multi-stack radiogram

The radios in this series are:

Technical Information

Valves (8): 7A7, 6K8GT, 6U7G, 6Q7GT, 6J5, 6V6GT, 6V6GT, 5Y3G

Intermediate Frequency: 455kc/s

Frequency Bands: 8

Chassis Notes(most schematics can be clicked to download a full size version)

Note: 1207 has 500k resistor across 2 pins of the gramo socket, 1206 has no resistor (see schematic)

1947 Philco model 1206

Service information (Philco_-_model_1206_1207_radiogram_-_8V_AW_AC_-_1947_.pdf) here

Other documented models using this chassis (2 in total)

1947 Philco model 1206