PHILCO MODEL 788 (1941)

The Philco model 788 was manufactured for Chas Begg & Co. Ltd by Dominion Radio and Electrical Corporation Ltd in 1941, it was in production for about 7 years.

Philco's big 11-valve, 9 band radio with 5 bandspread bands.  Full band coverage from 540kc to 22Mc.  This model was available for several years and probably underwent several changes in that time, although the only service information appears to be dated 1945.  It is largely equivalent to the US model 41-788 and subsequent variants, and further schematic changes and information might be found in US schematics.  The 788 was finally replaced in around 1948 by the model 888.

1941 Philco model 788

The Listener 18 July 1941


1941 Philco model 788

The Listener 26 July 1946

Technical Information

Valves (11): 7C7, 7J7, 78, 7C7, 7A6, 76, 76, 76, 6V6G, 6V6G, 80

Intermediate Frequency: 455kc/s

Frequency Bands: 9

Chassis Notes(most schematics can be clicked to download a full size version)

1941 Philco model 788 schematic

1941 Philco model 788 valve change

Service information (Philco_-_model_788A_-_11V_AW_AC_-_1945_.pdf) here