The Philips P715 was manufactured in 1937. The manufacturer is unknown at this time.

7-valve broadcast band radio. 715P or P715 depending on where you look.

Manufacturer unknown - this is possibly either Radio Corp (given the model code having a P, which RNZ manufactured Philips sets used) or of Australian descent.  Can anyone provide more photos or information? UPDATE: Sorry everyone, this is an Australian imposter - made by Philips Aust.

Note: the advertising material for these P-series models tends to place the P at the end of the model code, while the model tags on the back of the radios tends to place it at the start.  The later option is used here as it should make it easier to find a given radio as the tag is likely all someone would have to go on while searching.

1937 Philips P715 'Twilight Dial'

Technical Information

Valves (7):

Intermediate Frequency: 470kc/s

Frequency Bands: 1