The Regent model 6W0 was manufactured for G. A. Wooller & Co. Ltd by Akrad Radio Corporation Ltd in 1950. It's part of the Akrad W0 'Flying Wing' series.

The rather unusually-shaped 6-valve broadcast band mini-console.

Based on an Australian cabinet design, released as a 5-valve and 6-valve (this) model.  Also released under the Pacific brand.

Pacific WO series of radios by Akrad NZ

The Regent model 6W0 is part of the 'Akrad W0 'Flying Wing'' series.

The W0 series of radios were an unusual design and larger than they appear in photos.  As a side note, its W zero, not W Oh - the standard coding for Akrad radios was number of valves, letter to indicate the style, and year - 5W0 meant 5-valve W for *at a guess, wing?* and 0 for 1950 as the first production year.

The W code had been used on at least one other occasion for the wood cabinet version of the Clipper 5M4 Junior, coded the 5W5... it is assumed the W was for wood in this instance, but the flying wing is not really of wooden construction.  It may have been for 'wing' in this model.

While the 0 would indicate a model year of 1950, there has been no advertising sighted from that year - which would suggest (given that Pacific and Regent advertising was quite common around this time) that it wasn't actually released until 1951.

The cabinet was not a new design, but one that had come from Australia where at least two manufacturers had used it: The Monarch model HN and the Peter Pan Streamline Consolette, both of 1949.

The items in this series are

Technical Information

Valves (6): 7B7, 7S7, 7B7, 7C6, 7C5, 7Y4

Frequency Bands: 1

Chassis Notes(most schematics can be clicked to download a full size version)

Has two separate chassis' - the power supply is fitted to the base, most likely for better weight distribution to stop it falling over.

Power supply is connected to the radio chassis by a 6-pin harness

1950 Regent 6W0

General Construction Notes for Akrad Radio Corporation Ltd:

Akrad sets often consist of 3 (or 4) numbers (eg: 518, 1059) or number-letter-number (5M4), and a common pattern exists for these sets: The first digit(or 2 digits in the case of 10-or-more valves) is the number of valves, the second is the number of bands and the third is the last digit of the year. Where the middle digit is a letter rather than a number it generally refers to the type of set - M for mantle, P for portable, G from radiogram etc

Often sets can be dated by the speaker, as many Akrad sets from the Pye era have the date of manufacture stamped on the back of the magnet housing.