The Skyscraper CES was manufactured for Bond & Bond Ltd by Various in 1938.

4-valve reflex radio - broadcast band.

Reflexing was a technique where valves were used to do multiple jobs in the circuit, and tended to be found in early budget radios.

Valves (4): 2A7, 2B7, 2A5, 80

Intermediate Frequency: 460kc/s

Frequency Bands: 1

Chassis Notes(most schematics can be clicked to download a full size version)

Uses the CEx chassis - seen as CEU: Ultimate and CER: Rolls and Luxor.  Chassis photos available in the Luxor model

1938 Luxor CER

All documented models using this chassis (2 in total)

1938Luxor CER
1938Skyscraper CES - this set