The 'Austin' brand was introduced in NZ in 1936 and lasted until around 1939.

'Austin' branded equipment was manufactured by Radio Warehouse Ltd, they were distributed by Radio Warehouse Ltd. Currently there are 11 documented models.

Chassis' often painted flat pale green colour, and often the date of the chassis is stamped on the underside.

Dials typically the 4-quadrant black and white art deco design.  This dial (along with the chassis colour and the date stamp) is also found on Haywin sets - suggesting that they were manufactured by Radio Warehouse as well.

Sets are often simple and crudely assembled - suggesting short runs or made-to-order sets built on a budget.  Some advertising suggests the sets are 'British Built' which inspired loyalty back in the day - although this is somewhat disingenuous of them, given they were made, as best as can be figured, in Christchurch - and the valves were standard American lineups in all sighted models.

Austin appears to have disappeared with the onset of WWII, like so many other small brands.

11 Documented Austin Models
1936ish Austin 36-BC-5V 5  Broadcast 
1936ish Austin 36-BC-5V-T 5  Broadcast 
1936ish Austin 36-TRF-5V 5
1937ish Austin 37-BC-5V 5
1937 Austin 37-BC-5V-SH 5  Broadcast 
1937ish Austin 37-BC-6V 6  Broadcast 
1937ish Austin model SG1 'Signal Generator'
1938 Austin 38-AW-7V 6 + magic eye  All Wave 
1938ish Austin model 38-BC
1938ish Austin 38-BC-5V-LC 'Little Companion' 5  Broadcast 
1938ish Austin 38-DW-6V 6  Dual Wave