The Golden Age of Radio in the Home & More Golden Age of Radio

John Stokes' amazing books, an absolute must for all collectors and enthusiasts.

Lamphouse Annual

an annual catalogue of electrical goods and, specifically, radio parts and construction details. The first issue, called 'The N.Z. Radiogram Annual', was issued in May 1932. This name continued until 1938 when it changed to 'Lamphouse Annual'. The final issue was 1952/53.

The NZ Radiogram

A great periodical hobby magazine put out by Lamphouse - from May 1932 (Vol 1 Num 1) until around 1946.

The N.Z. Radio Times

a monthly publication that began in April 1932 and ran through until around 1937. Contains construction details for radios and radio-related circuits, as well as other radio-related information, including DXing.

The Radio Record

An early periodical about upcoming programmes on various stations around the country, essentially the forerunner to The Listener. The first issue was probably Friday July 22, 1927 (Volume 1, Issue 2 sighted, dated Friday July 29, 1927 and consecutive issues appear to be weekly)

Johns Catalogue

Johns Ltd produced a catalogue (annually?) of radio and electrical goods.

Radio & Electrical Review

A monthly magazine mainly trade-oriented but full of great period information and set schematics.