The 'Hinemoa' brandname was introduced in around 1934 and lasted until around 1935.

Hinemoa's manufacturer is currently unknown, as is the distributor. Currently there is 1 documented model.

A little-known brand that seems to have been Christchurch-based.  Little or nothing is known about them, more information would be appreciated.  There is a Hinemoa St in Christchurch, so one possibility is that this is where they were produced?  There was also a Hinemoa Hockey Club around the time these radios were produced.

There is a reference to Farmers having them available

And some references to them in radio auctions in 1935/36 - but nothing beyond that

The logo is oddly similar to the one used in advertising for the motion picture 'Hinemoa' from 20 years earlier, and the legend of Hinemoa seems to have been a popular one on stage and on radio at the time these radios were made.


1 Documented Hinemoa Model
1934ish Hinemoa model 154 5  Broadcast