The Moderne ES_DW was manufactured by The Electrical Service Co. Ltd in about 1940.

Not much is known about this Moderne dual-wave valve radio.

The story goes that the owner of Moderne, Mac Macdonald, was quite taken with the Empire State design and so licensed it from AWA for one of his models.

They can be easily differentiated from an AWA model as the dial is different - the Moderne dial having the brand name clearly printed on the left side of the scale and Kiwi stations - while the AWA dial has Australian stations and station IDs from the different states.  The Kiwi model also has 2 speaker mounting screw holes in the front which the AWA does not.

Technical Information

Frequency Bands: 2

Chassis Notes(most schematics can be clicked to download a full size version)

Please get in touch if you have one of these - we'd love to know the lineup and other technical details.