The Peerless '47 Portable was manufactured by T. Megann in 1947.

5-valve portable broadcast band set - 2 x 45V (type 482 Eveready 'mini-max') 'B' batteries and 1 x 1.5V type 745 'A' battery - approx 240-hour life.

Internal loop aerial and external aerial connection, 5" speaker.

Cabinet covered in Rexine cloth

May be the same internally as the Ace 4620 (based on the dial layout and knob placement)

Technical Information

Valves (5): 1N5GT, 1A7GT, 1N5GT, 1H5GT, 1Q5GT

Frequency Bands: 1

General Construction Notes for T. Megann:

Ace and Peerless seem to use model codes with the year, then valve count, then bands - eg: 4751 is 1947, 5 valve, 1 band (BC band)