The Philips 23RL475 was manufactured by Philips Electrical Industries of N.Z. Ltd in about 1966.

7 transistor portable radio

9V battery required, or was able to be modified for mains operation (see service information below)

Date is a wild guess based on the transistors used - if anyone has a definitive year, or even a decent guess, please share.

Valves (7 transistors, 3 diodes): AF117, AA119 Diode, AF117, AF117, AA119 Diode, AC127, AC125, BA114 Diode, ( AC128, AC127 Matched Output Pair)

Intermediate Frequency: 455kc/s

Frequency Bands: 1

Chassis Notes(most schematics can be clicked to download a full size version)

1975 Philips 23RL475

1975 Philips 23RL475

1975 Philips 23RL475