The Philips B0Z17T was manufactured by Philips Electrical Industries of N.Z. Ltd in 1962.

Entry level 6 transistor radio from Philips in 1962

Technical Information

Valves (6 Transistor, 2 Diode): AF117, AF117, AF117, OC71, OC74, OC74, and OA79 + OA95 Diodes

Intermediate Frequency: 455kc/s

Frequency Bands: 1

Chassis Notes(most schematics can be clicked to download a full size version)

1962 Philips B0Z17T

Service information (Philips_B0Z17T_Service_Information.pdf) here

General Construction Notes for Philips Electrical Industries of N.Z. Ltd:

Model codes are explained on the Philips brand page.  Philips early-mid century were probably the Google of their time - they had branches in many countries and a global brand that everyone knew - and were apparently happy to let engineers come up with new ideas and implement them.  Construction is often overly complex but very well engineered - although repairs can also take a complex path.  They used time-in-motion studies to find the most cost effective way to asemble sets and sometimes this means repairs can be nightmarish (if you've ever worked on a V7A Theaterette this will be all too aparent).  U suffix model numbers are transformerless (hot chassis) sets and great care should be taken, or the sets avoided altogether.