Astor was manufactured by Pye (N.Z.) Ltd, they had various distributors. Currently there are 6 documented models.

Astor was an Australian brand which was initially produced in NZ by Radio Corporation of NZ.  Either Akrad / Pye took over the brand and production when they purchased RCNZ in 1958, or Pye introduced the Astor brand in NZ around the same time as they purchased RCNZ and simply used those facilities to produce them (initially, at least).

6 Documented Astor Models
1957 6  Dual Wave  Astor model 616
1958ish 5  Broadcast  Astor model 525
1959ish 5  Broadcast  Astor FEU
1961ish 5 4 Astor JFU
1962ish 5 4 Astor PLK
1964 4 + rectifier diode  Broadcast  Astor REU