BELL COLT 5B4 (1954)

The Bell Colt 5B4 was manufactured by Bell Radio-Television Corporation Ltd in 1954, production ran for 1 year.

Second model of Colt, not all that different to the original version.

Early 5B4 models used the original ETA round IF cans, later models had the square IF's

Valves (5): ( ECH41 or ECH42 or ECH81 ), EF41, EBC41, EL41, EZ40

Intermediate Frequency: 462kc/s

Chassis Notes (most schematics can be clicked to download a full size version): Early versions used all rimlock valves, however later versions replaced the ECH41/42 with a noval ECH81. Some chassis' were stamped with 5B4, but not all of them.