The 'Clipper' brand was introduced in NZ in around 1954.

'Clipper' branded equipment was manufactured by Akrad Radio Corporation Ltd, they were distributed by G. A. Wooller & Co. Ltd. Currently there are 22 documented models.

Clipper was a brand used on many of the more budget-end receivers and car radios by Akrad.

An article titled "Home Appliances Exhibition at A. and P. Show" in the December 1954 issue of Radio and Electrical Review states, "...the new brand, Clipper, which has gained such popularity in the last few months.".  This suggests that Clipper was new in 1954. 

Only a couple of models have been seen at the time of writing that pre-date that.  Although the Clipper 6P2 was a 1952 model - the sighted model has a speaker dated 1955, suggesting it was probably in production for several years, being manufactured under the Pacific and Regent brands, and a Clipper variant was added to their lineup when the brand came in to being.  The other model is the 513 which was marketed around the Queens coronation in 1953 but was also likely manufactured for a few years.

22 Documented Clipper Models
1953 Clipper model 513 5  Broadcast 
1954 Clipper model 524 5  Dual Wave 
1954 Clipper model 5G4 'Studiogram' 5  Broadcast 
1954 Clipper model 5M4 'Junior' 5  Broadcast 
1954 Clipper model 6P2 'Countess' 5 + diode rectifier  Broadcast 
1954 Clipper model 7G4 'Gram 7' 7  Broadcast 
1955 Clipper model 5W5 5  Broadcast 
1955 Clipper model 725 6 + magic eye  Dual Wave 
1955 Clipper CR55 'Clipper Five' 5  Broadcast 
1955 Clipper CR8U5 Clipper Eight 'Car Radio' 8  Broadcast 
1955 Clipper model R24 5 + magic eye 4
1956ish Clipper model 4P6 'Portable' 4  Broadcast 
1956 Clipper model 5G6 'Tablegram' 5  Dual Wave 
1956 Clipper model 601RG 6  Broadcast 
1956 Clipper model 6P6 6 (equivalent - uses selenium rectifier)  Broadcast 
1956 Clipper model 966 5 + magic eye  Broadcast 
1957 Clipper model 5G7 5  Broadcast 
1957 Clipper model 616 6  Dual Wave 
1958 Clipper model S32 'Majorca' 6 + magic eye  Dual Wave 
1959ish Clipper model 549 'Flamenco' 5 4
1959 Clipper model 5M9 5  Broadcast 
1961 Clipper model 5G1 5  Broadcast