Pye was manufactured by Akrad Radio Corporation Ltd, they were distributed by G. A. Wooller & Co. Ltd. Currently there are 26 documented models.

Pye NZ Ltd was formed in 1951 when Akrad Radio (through GA Wooler) approached Pye Ltd in Cambridge, England to partner with them in developing television here.  This also led to a wide range of Pye radio models being introduced to the NZ market.

New Zealand Pye models were often prefixed PZ (presumably for Pye New Zealand) while English models were often just prefixed P, and many Kiwi models were similar to their English counterparts, albeit without the long-wave bands which served no purpose here since nobody was broadcasting on them in this part of the world. 

The Pye factory was finally closed in 1986 by Philips, who had bought the parent company in England many years earlier and subsequently took over Pye NZ in 1979.  While Philips had repeatedly said they would not close the factory, the governments removal of duties on Asian imports meant that NZ electronics manufacturers could no longer compete in the market and most of the remaining NZ radio manufacturers, including Pye, closed.

26 Documented Pye Models
1953ish Pye PZ43 'Model Y' 4  Broadcast 
1953 Pye PZ71 4 + eye 5
1954 Pye PZ60 'Model H' 6 + optional magic eye 10
1954 Pye PZ65MBQ '65' 7  Broadcast 
1954 Pye PZ69 5 + magic eye 8
1954 Pye PZ77 5 8
1955 Pye PZ92 6 + magic eye 5
1955 Pye PZ95TG 5 6
1955 Pye PZ98U 5  All Wave 
1956ish Pye PZ101 5 + eye  Broadcast 
1956ish Pye PZ109 'Marquis' 6 + magic eye 5
1956ish Pye PZ114BQ 'Jewel Case Portable' 4  Broadcast 
1956 Pye PZ79RG 5 + magic eye 8
1957 Pye PZ102 5  Broadcast 
1957 Pye PZ103 5  All Wave 
1957ish Pye PZ57RG 5  Broadcast 
1958 Pye model 222 'Printed Circuit' 5 + magic eye 5
1958 Pye model 777 'Calypso' 6 + magic eye  Dual Wave 
1958 Pye PZ100 5  Broadcast 
1958ish Pye PZ106 5 8
1960ish Pye 200MG 'Coffeegram' 3+silicon rectifier  Broadcast 
1960 Pye PZ108 'Ricardo' 5 4
1960 Pye PZ112 'Mardi Gras' 5 4
1961ish Pye PZ230 'Messenger' 5 + magic eye 5
1962ish Pye PZ105 'Pentette' 5  Broadcast 
1965ish Pye 528-2 'Burbank' 15 transistor, 2 diode  Broadcast