The Companion Fidelity was manufactured for Johns Ltd by Wellmade Ltd in 1936, it was in production for 2 years.

The high-end model from Companion, completely modular to allow upgrading as new technologies became available.

Available as a console radio or console radiogram, but also offered as a built-in for new construction.

Described in the Johns 1936-37 catalogue:

The average RADIO of to-day is a marvel at the price. Even a cursory examination shows an intrinsic value never before achieved by anything in the Musical World, and entirely undreamt of even three or four years ago.

Yet less than 1% of RADIOS in use can be classed as "FIDELITY." Certainly, the musical expert does not pretend that the ordinary type RADIO costing up to £30 or £40 is built solely with the most faithful reproduction possible in view.

Of course, bad times recently experienced, have proved a distinct setback to really high quality, but another drawback has been the rapidity with which expensive machines have become more or less obsolete.

Can this severe depreciation be avoided? COMPANION FIDELITY is the answer. This new style RADIO offers you the very best that is possible in RADIO, with the added advantage that it can be kept right up-to-date at comparatively small cost.

The method is simple. A RADIO can be divided into THREE main sections. Two of these — fortunately the two most expensive — have reached stability of design, so that little fresh development may be expected in the next ten years, in fact, during the last few years these two sections have changed but little.

These two sections comprise the AMPLIFIER and the SPEAKER.

The THIRD—TUNING—SECTION may possibly change considerably, or, if the SUPER-HET persists, it may scarcely change at all. If changes do come, it can be entirely replaced at a comparatively small cost.

Thus one may keep always abreast of the times — always have the best reproduction Radio can offer — and yet spend much less than others who change inferior Radios periodically.

The AMPLIFIER and SPEAKER are both described fully elsewhere in this list, as indicated below, and these pages should be carefully read. The TUNING SECTION is actually more or less identical with those used on the COMPANION and on other high grade Radios — except it is an entirely separate unit. Its cost should be only a fraction of the total.

AMPLIFIER (Senior 20-25 Watt) — Very powerful, but intended to be used at only quarter volume or so, though full volume is instantly available if desired. On quarter strength, however, there is not the slightest feeling of strain — compare with a modern car gliding smoothly and effortlessly over the roads. Its extreme power is not by any means necessary, but it DOES make for luxury travel.

If required, the AMPLIFIER could be removed from the Cabinet, and used to operate 4 or 6 HELLO 7ft. Speakers in addressing 50,000 or more people!

AUDITORIUM SPEAKER — The average RADIO Speaker to-day costs no more than 45/-. The FIDELITY incorporates a 14-inch Speaker weighing nearly 50Ibs., and costing £20, made by Celestion. This speaker has the same reserve of power as the Amplifier above — it will handle 25 watts without noticeable distortion of any kind. (See. Page 23.) Further, being designed for use in TALKIES, etc., the reproduction is as clear and life-like as it is possible to obtain.

CABINET — The Cabinet for FIDELITY RADIO must be heavily constructed, otherwise it would vibrate excessively with the large speaker, destroying the lower range of notes and reducing the faithfulness to that of cheaper machines. The wood, for instance, must be about 1in. thick at least.

CUSTOM-BUILT — These machines are genuinely custom-built — they are not kept in stock ready for delivery, but built to your special order. All latest improvements are incorporated, even though these are of a minor nature only. Actually, we know of no other CUSTOM-BUILT RADIO on the market, though even some of the cheapest imported machines have been so advertised.

GRAMOPHONE EQUIPMENT — The FIDELITY RADIO is particularly well suited for use as an ELECTRIC GRAMOPHONE. It is already fitted with Terminals for this purpose, and is usually supplied complete with Electric Motor and Pick-up, or with an AUTOMATIC RECORD CHANGING DEVICE enabling you to play 8 records without yourself touching the machine.

PRICES (10 Valves, All-Wave, A.C. Only)
R765 COMPLETE with BUCKINGHAM CABINET, Radio-Gramophone £120
Less Cabinet, price on application.

If you wish to instal one of the above in your New Home, make arrangements while building, and omit the Cabinet. Wire the House for speakers in several rooms—the RADIO will work several at full strength. 

Technical Information

Valves (10):

General Construction Notes for Wellmade Ltd:

Radios made for Johns in the 30's were often available in AC, DC or Battery. The inclusion of DC power options was because large tracts of Auckland (where Johns and Wellmade were situated) were supplied by DC power generation.