Dominion Radio and Electrical Corporation Ltd was formed in 1939 and closed in 1980.

Dominion Radio & Electrical formed in 1939 with a staff of just 4 to produce Philco radios in New Zealand (which had previously been imported by Chas Begg and Co).  by 1954 they had outgrown their premises and a purpose-built factory was errected on a 6-acre site in Otahuhu.

Philco: New Zealand versions of Philco models started off quite similar, but over time the electronics (if not the cabinets) became distinctly NZ designed.  Part of this was probably because US mains voltage was 110-volt and transformerless or series-string set became quite popular (where the heaters of specially designed valves would be strung together and would add up to 110 volts, meaning a transformer was not needed for the heaters), but NZ's 230-volt mains system was not suitable for this technology, although some manufacturers tried (Philips being the main offender).

La Gloria: In 1956 DRECO introduced the La Gloria brand name (which had been used by the managing directors father years earlier in his K-Road business, La Gloria Gramophones) to market a budget line of radiograms and appliances - and this name took over from Philco within a couple of years.  With the sale of Philco USA to Ford the former agreement with DRECO lapsed and this led to the end of the Philco brand in NZ.

In 1959 they merged with (absorbed?) Russell Import Co. who were Morphy Richards agents, and imported and distributed appliances, musical instruments and radio / electronics equipment.

Majestic and DRECO: In 1962 two new brands were introduced: Majestic to replace Philco as the high-end brand and Dreco for portable record players, tape players and radios.

In around 1974 Dominion Radio & Electrical merged with Bell Radio/Television Corp. to form Consolidated Electrical Industries Ltd, which in turn had ceased production around 1980.

Brand names know to be manufactured by Dominion Radio and Electrical Corporation Ltd